Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One More Assclown Wannabe Badass

So where do I begin with this clown. Well let's start with a name so you folks can know who it is I hold in such utter contempt. His name is David Rountree and he claims to be just an ordinary guy. The problem is this shit bag has made claims to being part of something which he could not have been involved in. Let's follow this trail of shitbaggery into his world of lies and break them down so that even he can understand.

Rountree claims to have been involved during the fall of Saigon and the Mayaguez incident.

In the above screenshot you can see where he makes these claims and yet further digging into his past has shown these statements to be lies. When you make claims to be involved in something that has a relatively small group of people, like the Mayaguez incident, you should know that your claims will be validated and people will know if you are telling the truth or not. In this case he's been busted as being a lying piece of shit with absolutely no honor.

A friend of mine has pushed this issue with the local District Attorney who has in turn forwarded the case to the Federal US Attorney who covers Rountree's home area in New Jersey. This was sent to the US Attorney due to the fact that Rountree published a book in which he includes his lies. Per the new US Stolen Valor law if someone benefits financially from the lies they speak they can be prosecuted. However investigations do take time and because of this fact Rountree seems to think he has escaped any type of repercussions from his lies. Oh ye of little knowledge and even less intelligence. Rountree you have not been forgotten by the US Attorney and trust me you will not be forgotten by those who's honor you have stolen.

Rountree also claims to be an officer and involved with USAF Special Operations during his time in the USAF.

That's an awful lot of awards for someone who never deployed outside of the United States and was discharged as an Airman First Class. That's a low ranking enlisted type for those of you unfamiliar with the USAF ranks. He was not an officer nor was he ever involved in USAF Special Operations. He was a shitbag who did nothing even close to what he claims.

The above is a copy of Rountree's official NPRC Record. It shows him being discharged as an A1C as well as being discharged long before the Mayaguez incident and fall of Saigon even occurred. 1974 to be exact and the fall of Saigon was in 1975 as was the Mayaguez incident. Yeah it's that easy to call out a shitbird like Rountree and expose his lies. Unfortunately he has his followers who refuse to see the truth because they believe in David Rountree and there is no way he would lie about something as important as his military service. Well the world is full of stupid people and David Rountree leads the stupidity parade in this case.

David Rountree you have attempted to disparage a friend of mine. You have made references to this friends family among other things. You have referred to me and my friends as Army deserters and alleged child pornographers. You do know what slander is right David? Thank you for posting it on Facebook because even had you not personally posted it you allowed it to remain with no retraction or apology from you.

Trust me when I say that I will ensure that the US Attorney for your part of New Jersey hears from me personally. That office will get tired of hearing from me because I am going to make it my personal mission that they bring you in front of a judge to answer for your lies and thus you will be exposed for your followers to see. When I am done I will enjoy watching your broken carcass walking from the court room in defeat.

For those interested in assisting in bringing down this shitbag please contact the US Attorney who's information is posted below.

Paul J. Fishman, US Attorney United States Attorney's Office 970 Broad St. Room 700 Newark, NJ 07102

RE: David M. Rountree

One last thing Rountree...please come at me in your typical manner because you won't like the end result.


  1. Please do contact me in regards to rountree...I will be presenting evidence to the District Attorney PERSONALLY. Pathofaiki@protonmail.com

  2. Has this been presented yet? Signed... a proud OIF 11B wife.....and a family member of one of the real AF Heroes killed during the Mayaguez Incident

    1. Stella the last I knew a friend of mine, not the one posted above, had presented evidence to the States Attorney for possible prosecution. I've not heard anything more about that and probably won't unless they decide to bring it to trial