Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crazy is a 5 Letter Word...the end

This will be my final post in regards to this subject and here in this post I shall reveal, for those who are unaware, the person that is Subject #1. So without further delay let's rock the joint.

Sue Schippert...how stupid do you really have to be to think that I was going to remain silent on this little game you are playing? You choose to "call" me out on Facebook when you know full well that I'm on Facebook suspension for crushing some pathetic pantywaists feelings. I didn't care about that person's feelings so sit back and enjoy the ride because I don't fucking care about your's either Suzy.

Where should I begin Sue? Should we start with your fantasy of a lawsuit and how you are going to help so many people out with the millions of dollars you are about to get from it? Should we start with your being a US Army Veteran? Trust me bitch when that information comes back from the NPRC if it doesn't corroborate your fantasy you are going to know what hell is like. I will plaster your fantasies all over your little area of Colorado and make you a very popular person. Shall we discuss your fairy tales about Scott Hughes falsifying official paperwork in his pursuit of military posers? How you claim he is responsible for the suicide deaths of 3 (or is it 5 now) Veterans who were not posers but Scott hounded them and falsified the records to show that they were. Perhaps we should discuss your own shady past and the various shenanigans you have in your own closet. Trust me I'm going to get to all of them in due time Sue and I'll "burn" your motherfucking fantasy world down around your ears.

Yeah you were right to list Scott, Jonn, Eric, Chris and myself as people to watch out for. The problem is that when you posted your little "call out" on Jack's profile and I didn't respond (I am still suspended BTW) you seemed to have forgotten about me. I haven't forgotten about you though.

The problem with your fantasies Sue is that you can't keep them straight. You tell one person one thing and you tell someone else something totally different. You told Scott and Mellanie that your little lawsuit was being handled outside of the courtroom. There was no need for the courts as the company being sued had previously settled ALL lawsuits out of court. Then, within 24 hours, you are stating that you have to go to court about this fantasy lawsuit. Which is it Sue? Is it in the court system or being handled outside the court? Perhaps the best option is to choose C and admit you have been lying about this fairy tale for a long time now. You made similar promises to Toby as well as a few others who are being hurt by your fairy tale. You have no idea the destruction you have caused to people's lives with your lies. Are you just that psychotic that you could care less about anyone around you or those who come into your life via social media?

You accuse Scott, THE MOST HONORABLE OF PEOPLE, of falsifying paperwork to accuse honest Veterans of being posers. You claim he is the reason several Veterans have committed suicide. You have no fucking clue who Scott is nor how long he has been doing this work. He works with Mary Schantag and Jonn Lilyea on the Fake Warrior Project. There is no fucking way that either of these 2 outstanding people would allow Scott to do anything of that sort. Your fucking lies are stretching beyond the realm of fantasy and into the world of a person who is about to have a psychotic break from reality. Your mental state must be somewhere between that of oatmeal and scrambled eggs because the bullshit you have been spewing makes ZERO fucking sense. I won't even get into what you have claimed about Rena and her relationship with her husband Scott. That's not a path I wish to stroll down. Scott and Rena's personal life is just that...THEIR PERSONAL LIFE.

It's too bad that in the above screenshot he chooses the word bitch in regards to you. Personally I'd have used more appropriate terminology like thundercunt or douche drinking twat waffle. But then that's just me. Scott tends to be more civilized than I am.

I'd like to see these so called threats Suzy. Funny thing is that I know there were none made from any of the folks I have known for 4 or 5 years now. Might have been one loose cannon from the fringe crowd but nobody in my close circle made ANY threats veiled or otherwise. If you had ANY sort of case your "legal team" would have been all over it and Scott would be facing some serious problems. The only problem he's facing right now is how he allowed an ignorant twit like you to fool him for as long as you did. Considering your IQ is somewhere in the range of moldy bread it has me scratching my head as well. Yeah Jen Blume should know better too but apparently she's blinded by your fantasy as well. What did you do promise her a new house like you did Scott and Toby?

Bitch you haven't been threatened with shit by anyone of my friends and I'll call you out on that fairy tale as well as everything else I am posting here. You claim you have Scott's DD214. I do hope you have a valid legal reason for having it. You don't have his 214 though because if you did it would have been all over your page and well it wasn't so I'd lay Vegas odds you ain't got shit. What you probably do have is a lot of shit from that idiot Chevalier's page. That dude has about the same IQ level as you. He's dumber than a box of rocks and that's an insult to the box of rocks.

Judging by the above screenshot you talk as if you have serious pull with a lawyer who knows nothing about you nor why you would even be contacting him. Furthermore if this is Teti's lawyer he's in North Carolina not Colorado. He's unlikely to hand over ANY information to you without a court ordered reason so once again you have stepped out of reality and into your fantasy world. Teti, like his lawyer, is unlikely to do anything for you without a court ordered reason and I know that ain't happening.

The screenshot above is another PRIME example of a woman with delusions of authority, or grandeur if you will, beyond what she can control in her own world. She calls this person HER Veteran as if he is her personal pet. Once again serious delusional psychosis but again that's just my opinion.

OK now it's time for the meat and potatoes of your little fantasy and the bullshit you have been spewing about Scott and Rena. I won't even mention the others you have played with who are now seriously heartbroken to find out you were lying to them. Read on people as this is what started Suzy on her little rant against Scott and Rena Hughes.

The following screenshots are of a discussion between someone who is a legal clerk (Paralegal) and Sue. One knows what she is talking about and the other has been telling this fantasy for so long she actually believes it is true. Read the screenshots and decide for yourself if what Sue Schippert has been saying is true or not. Personally I think she's off her meds but that's just my opinion.

Now if you are like Dan and Sue Chomiak LaPierre or any of Sue's other pals you'd fall for her fantasy of getting 22 million dollars from a lawsuit settlement. Then there are some of us who would call bullshit...for obvious reasons. Scott didn't contact ANYONE as Sue claims. He couldn't contact anyone because neither he nor Rena knew the details. Sue kept pushing back the date of when this "lawsuit" would be settled and eventually Scott got suspicious. What happened after that is not something I am 100% aware of. I do know that Sue has been promising a lot of people a lot of money and they'll see none of it because it never existed. Scott never broke a gag order because it never existed and even if it had Sue would have been in violation of it once she opened her snaggle toothed mouth and told the first person about it. I suspect Scott was not the first person she told.

In closing I'd like to say that Sue Schippert is a lying carpet munching twat waffle who is not interested in anyone but herself. She doesn't give a damn about anyone nor how badly she may hurt them. The 5 Veterans who's deaths she says Scott is responsible for I'd lay that claim at her doorstep if it were true. In my delay to post this I have witnessed some serious horror stories regarding Sue Schippert and the one that sticks out is how she does what she does without regard to anyone else but her and without a second thought. She makes her statements and, much like a frag grenade, she doesn't care about the damage she may cause. She's seriously mentally unbalanced and if you take one word of advice from this rant let it be to stay the fuck away from Sue Schippert. When she finally has her break from reality you don't want to be anywhere near her.

One final word...


  1. I was friends with this woman about 2 years ago. I finally had to block her on Facebook because she threatened me. I can see I got off easy. I'm so sorry to hear about all the crazy things she did. I am, however grateful that you caught her. Sounds like she either needs to be institutionalized or go to jail. I've passed this on. I frequently read your blog so I can keep these people out of my veterans' group on Facebook. Thank you for all the hard work. It is definitely appreciated.

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