Monday, June 22, 2015

Crazy is a 5 Letter Word Part 2

So we shall revisit this current issue that occupies my time and the time of some very good friends.

When someone tells you something that sounds too good to be true it generally is just that. Apparently Subject #1 made several claims that were indeed too good to be true and these claims were made to several people. When one of those people decided to look into these claims he found out that Subject #1's stories were just that...STORIES. It was a simple matter to research and find out that every word uttered by Subject #1 in regards to financially helping these people was indeed a lie. For reasons known only to Subject #1 a game was played and when the truth became known Subject #1 became unhinged and proceeded to attack the very person who checked into the claims.

Subject #1 then went on a tirade and made claims against a friend of mine and his wife that I personally know are so far beyond false that it is funny anyone would even believe them. Yet some people DO believe these lies and don't stop to consider the facts from a logical point of view. A very simple thing to consider is this...why would my friend bother falsifying paperwork to cause trouble for those whom he is investigating? He has nothing to gain by falsifying official documents to prove that someone is indeed lying. Unlike Subject #1, and those who choose to follow Subject #1, my friend has something that is sadly lacking in that crowd, HONOR and INTEGRITY. 2 words that the crowd who follows Subject #1 should look at and then consider what is going to happen when this fairy tale of lies comes crashing down around their collective ears.

I do hope Subject #1 continues with these games because this is not the first rodeo I have taken part in. Better people than Subject #1 have tried to take down my friends and yet they are still here. The last person to play games with my friends got caught in his bullshit and is now a guest of the Maryland DOC because he chose to be stupid.

You wish to continue playing your game you might be the next person doing time at your local Crowbar Hotel. They may even leave a light on for you.

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