Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Showtime

I'm done playing games and merely trading words over an internet connection. I'm done watching people claiming valor and honor that is not rightfully theirs to claim. I'm done watching my brothers and sisters in arms being taken advantage of by losers who never saw the day they could match up to them.

Our troops return home and suffer from many issues. PTSD is a BIG issue and it can lead to bigger issues as we have seen in so many cases. Some cases resulted in tragic endings and others were thankfully ended with no loss of life. Our troops come home and face the stigma of weakness by asking for help for the issues they face. They not only face that stigma they in turn have to jump through hoops and over hurdles simply to get to the help they need. Diagnosis of PTSD is a time consuming medical issue but it is also an issue that is easily faked and taken advantage of by people who claim false honor and stolen valor. Because of this and the stigma of weakness many who need this very diagnosis refuse to get the help they need and, as mentioned above, it can lead to tragic endings.

Stolen Valor is currently being debated at the Supreme Court as to whether or not it is a 1st Amendment protected form of free speech or if it is indeed a crime that can be prosecuted. I would invite the Justices of the SCOTUS to take a first hand look at the effects Stolen Valor has on those who have served honorably and how one person's false claim can lead to more hurdles to go over for those who truly need a critical diagnosis of some lingering effect of being in a combat zone. Stolen Valor claims for PTSD are significant and because PTSD leaves no visible scars it is an easily faked claim with the VA. Those who falsely claim PTSD take benefits and money from others who truly need it. These people not only make Stolen Valor claims of being some kind of hero that they never were but they STEAL from those who are the true heroes.


For those of you who feel the need to steal honor and valor from those who rightfully deserve it I will now work harder than ever to bring you to justice. If you are receiving VA Benefits that you are not rightfully owed I will build my case against you and turn you over to the VA-OIG and the Local and Federal Law Enforcement agencies as well as the AUSA, AG and DA. I'm done playing games. If I cannot get you brought in on charges I will bring you into the court of public opinion where I will convict you in the eyes of your comrades and family.

Trust me when I say I am done playing games over an internet connection. The kid gloves are off.

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