Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Religion of Peace or Pieces

So let's just jump into this with both feet and eyes wide open shall we. First some background on my "expertise" on the subject.

I have spent the better part of the last 20 years studying and reading about the Middle East and it's history. Since September 11th 2001 I have made it more of a project than the hobby it was. Now onto PFC Naser Jason Abdo.

PFC Abdo is accused of a plot to bomb Fort Hood Texas. Yes the SAME Fort Hood that Major Hasan killed 13 people in a deadly shooting rampage at a building where soldiers were processing for a deployment. What do these 2 incidents have in common? Well I dunno but it is possible that it may be their RELIGION!!! Islam the so called religion of peace is in reality a religion of pieces since that seems to be the preferred way for it's more die hard believers to go meet Allah. Suicide bombing gets you on the fast track to your 72 virgins and killing the infidels even if they are innocents and peaceful gets you there just as fast. Islam is a warriors religion and much like the fictional Klingons of Star Trek fame they want to die in a warriors fashion and take as many of their enemy with them as they can. Many claim that Christianity has it's roots in war as well but while they can make that claim the differences are quite large.

1) The Old Testament is rife with examples of Christianity going to war with it's neighbors.

A) Yes during Israel's early beginnings the only way to remain independent and not get your ass conquered was to keep your military large and conquer your enemy before they did it to you. BTW That's not Christianity since Christianity did not exist until after Jesus Christ came into the picture.

2) Islam was only doing the same thing early Israel did when Mohammed created the religion. He only wanted to make sure he was secure along his borders

A) The fact is that Islam was spread at the point of a sword. When Mohammed sent his Army to what is today Turkey he essentially told them to submit and accept Islam as the one true religion or die by the sword. In case nobody has looked at a World Map recently Arabia, which is where Mohammed called home, is a long ways away from Turkey and does not even border it. Why would Mohammed feel the need to spread Islam at the point of a sword to a country that was not even bordering his home nation? He did the same with Persia (aka Iran) and pretty much wiped out the Astrozorians who lived peacefully in that country but did not submit to Islam.

3) Christianity spreads it's word and forces the locals where missionaries are converting the locals to forget their own religious background in favor of Christianity's one God and their Savior Jesus Christ.

A) Yes Christianity does do that but not at the threat of violence. Islam gives you 3 options once an Islamic Army has conquered your country. 1)Submit to Allah and convert to Islam.....2)Submit to being a Dhimmi which is worse than what the slaves of our past had to endure. You are treated not as a citizen but merely as a creature who exists in a Muslim country....3) I really need to explain number 3?

What does all of this have to do with Major Hassan or his protege' PFC Abdo you ask? Well when you are brought into a religion that is professing to be peaceful but is in reality a religion of war what are you going to get? You get a young man and a disillusioned Army Officer who can be molded into weapons of terror. The object of terrorism is not so much to kill and maim as many people as you can but rather it is intended to create chaos and force changes that otherwise would not be done. It is designed to wreak havoc in ways that are not just warlike. If you don't believe me try going to the local international airport 60 minutes before your flight and see if you get through the TSA checkpoint in time for your flight. Unless you have 0 bags and nothing serious on you you may make it if the line is short but I somehow doubt it.

PFC Abdo and Major Hassan are by no means excused for what they either attempted or actually did. They knew full well that what they were doing would most likely get them killed or caught. That's what they sought. They wanted to die a martyr for their religion of peace which in reality is a religion of pieces.

Am I an Islamophobe? Hell no but what I am is an educated human being and US Military veteran. I have experience with Islam firsthand and have the utmost respect for numerous Muslims. I worked with and live around many Muslims but that being said I am not fooled by anyone who tries to sell me on the religion of piece angle either.

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