Monday, February 28, 2011

Gotta Love Will Durst's Humor

Sue Rupert Murdoch for felonious malfeasance for distilling all political discourse into "Us good- them bad."
Sue McDonald's for child endangerment and threatening Homeland Security by producing a generation of kids too fat to fight.
Sue China for malicious intent by encouraging our insatiable consumerism.
Sue Madison Avenue for violating simple common human decency by propagating the stereotype that kicking a man in the crotch is amusing.
Sue the British to stay in practice. They're known for settling.
Sue BP for illegal dumping, gross negligence and disorderly conduct.
Sue Egypt for copyright infringement by poaching that whole democracy thing.
Sue Halle Berry for mental cruelty.
Sue France for contempt.
Sue John Boehner for criminal impersonation of a pumpkin.
Sue Toyota for unlawful assembly.
Sue record companies for willful desecration of the English language.
Sue The View for abusing national noise abatement standards.
Sue the Birthers for contributing to the delinquency of the stupid. 
Sue Las Vegas for usurping federal authority by imposing taxes on the mathematically challenged.
Sue Mexico for failing to maintain a habitable domicile.
Sue BP again for sabotage and looking at us funny.
Sue Glenn Beck for engineering an intellectual Ponzi scheme resulting in an epidemic of cerebral bankruptcy.
Sue the Kardashians for reckless disregard of human dignity and societal vandalism.
Sue Donald Trump for the unlawful destruction of whatever endangered species pelt is stapled to the top of his head.
Sue BP once more, for unlawful flight and running away from the scene of an accident.
Sue Joe Biden for the same reasons.

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(Yeah I am gonna hate saying this but H/T Huffington Post for this tid bit ugh I said it)

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